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Water Heating

Water Heating
Akson's specializes in designing unique solar water heating systems for various applications. Akson's has 4 patents granted/under process in the field of solar water heating. We provide unique, tailor-made solutions for ?

Residential apartments.
Star hotels.

Akson's has earned its reputation for designing and providing excellent quality systems giving the optimal output from the least possible area. Akson's systems have been installed in apartments, 4 and 5 star hotels, industries, hospitals, gymnasiums.

Akson's Maestro
Conventional Natural Thermo-siphon Solar Water heating systems have some drawbacks due to the design of the systems. The main among these, leading to customer dissatisfaction, are ?

Mixing losses due to mixing of cold water in the hot water tank.
Unnecessary excess usage of electricity, when electrical backup heater is used.

Some people also find the conventional systems lacking on the aesthetics front.
We, at Akson's, have endeavoured to overcome the above mentioned issues with this uniquely designed solar water heating system. ome of the salient features of the same are ?
Mixing losses are completely avoided.
System operates in a fixed temperature mode, allowing only hot water to be delivered to the storage tank.
Usage of electrical backup is much more effective during low insolation periods.
Improved aesthetics.

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Akson's PENTA
The main problem faced by solar hot water systems across the world is scaling due to hard water and the resulting damage to the storage tank. This leads to leakages, ultimately leading to failure of the tank. The cost for the replacement of tanks is very high.

Akson's has developed a new Five-layered Polymer based tank, which can be used in areas where the water quality is very bad. This tank, coupled with Evacuated Tube Collectors, makes the Akson's PENTA the perfect solar water heating system for regions with poor quality water.

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