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Solar power packs (Off-grid/Grid-interactive)

The unavailability of good quality power supply is a problem faced by most of the people living in the developing world. To provide reliable and good quality power, Akson's supplies solar power packs. These power packs are available in a variety of capacities. They are an ideal solution for homes, shops, commercial complexes, hospitals etc. The electricity generated during sunshine hours is stored in batteries, and can be used as and when required. These power packs ensure ?

Uninterrupted power supply.
Good quality power supply.
Protection of appliances.
If used as primary source, reduction in monthly electricity bills.

Solar power packs (Off-grid/Grid-interactive)
Akson's provides solar grid-connected systems which are an ideal solution for large corporates, IT parks, SEZ's etc. These systems have a high-efficiency grid-interactive solar inverter, which converts and feeds the power generated to the user's grid. There are no batteries involved, hence no replacement costs!

This is an ideal solution for large corporates and IT parks, which can utilize terrace space to generate a part of the power used by them each day. This leads to monthly electricity bill savings, and these systems can also be covered under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme. This is an attractive proposition for corporates, as they can avail capital subsidy benefits along with attractive savings. These corporates can also project a 'green' image.

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