Equipments Private Limited

Building the Future

Akson's after a decade of experience is gearing up to build future products, applications and manufacturing facilities to meet the challenges in the future.

Akson's is associated with design, manufacturing and installation of India's FIRST wall mounted solar water heating system for a 100 meter tall residential tower, which will become a landmark installation.

Akson's has developed an UNIQUE solar water heating system for domestic application offering convincing answer to the problems being faced by the industry as well as users. This system will be launched by us very soon once the patent and design registration applications are filed and acknowledged by the authorities.

Akson's won a prestigious award 'The most outstanding project' for developing solar drying system with thermal energy storage from M/s Forbes Marshal. This will help India overcome the issue of staggering loss of Rs. 58,000 Crore per year by enabling site based food processing facility.

We are also working on advanced high-tech solar water purification and cooking solutions for residential projects.

We are also working on developing cost effective solutions to make solar products affordable and hence widely popular.

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