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Waste disposal is one of the major problems being faced by all nations across the world. According to the law of conservation of nature, waste is not a problem but a part of nature's cycle.
The Cattle dung/vegetable waste/organic waste has enormous potential for Biogas 'a green fuel' generation. It has very high organic content which can be easily converted in to biogas in the biomethanation process with byproduct recovery of Nitrogen rich organic manure.

Akson's can give solutions for
Anaerobic digester based bio-gas plants using different feeds.
Power generation from bio-gas for captive consumption or for community requirements.

Feed Preparation Biogas-Holder Balloon Biogas Digester
Municipal Solid Waste
Bio gas based power and fertiliser plants.
Landfill gas based power generation.

Biogas Purification Unit Biogas Purification Unit Biogas Power Generator

Lighting Solution

Akson's has developed number of products in the field of high efficiency power LED based lighting for applications ranging from home lighting, streetlights, common area lighting to industrial indoor / outdoor lighting. These revolutionary products will make it possible to provide affordable Solar Photo Voltaic / Wind-Solar solutions for lighting applications.

In its class, Akson's is the only company offering the complete range of solar/Renewable Energy products as a manufacturer to claim to be the "One Stop Shop for RE products".

Wind Solar Hybrid

Akson's provides the RE power generation solutions by providing Wind-Solar hybrid systems designed to meet customer's precise needs. These systems ensure a balanced output throughout the year, harnessing both solar and wind energy.

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