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Solar Street Lights

Street Lights

Solar street lighting is a popular application of solar energy. The energy from the sun is stored in a battery, and is then utilised for lighting during night. Akson's manufactures high efficiency power LED based and MNRE approved CFL based solar street lights.
Some of the salient features of our street lights are ?

High quality 'Super Bright' power LED's.
High efficiency electronics.
Automatic dusk-to-dawn timer.
'Hawk's ' eye' design luminaries.
Highly polished ABS Fresnel reflectors.
Extruded aluminium luminary body for better heat management.
High quality SMF/Tubular batteries.
Akson's patented 'easy cleen' module cleaning system.
Anti-theft battery boxes/chamber.

For more details, Download the detailed specification sheet for home-lighting systems.

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